Our founder, Sam Iospa, came from an IT infrastructure consulting background. His specialty was systems, and before it was the buzzword it is today he transitioned to system security with a focus on authentication and defense in depth (layered security). While working for a Managed Services Provider (outsourced IT Services), he noticed a gap in the security landscape that left small businesses exposed.

The Security landscape at the time was divided into 2 basic categories: 

The first was large enterprises that needed a comprehensive approach and had the resource to purchase many different products to combine them into a solution. This was expensive and cumbersome for all involved but mostly doable at scale.

The second was small companies, who were largely dependent on disparate Saas offerings. Most of them relied on the idea that they were too small to be a target and didn’t want to invest in security.

Once small businesses started being targeted, they came to ask their IT providers for help, but there was very little available to offer them. Sure, they could activate 2FA for their cloud services but there was no way for them to easily manage all of those users. Sure, they could roll out Anti-Malware solutions but without a staff of security experts to review the alerts and interpret the findings, advanced attackers can lay dormant on company systems for months undetected. 

Most importantly, there was no way for them to buy a ready, off the rack, solution that already combined everything they needed or even one company they could call to troubleshoot it all. That is where we come in. Our mission is to bring affordable, actionable, and user-friendly security to small businesses on a subscription basis, ready to scale with your business. No need to purchase hardware or software licenses, no need to cobble together your own solution, no installation fees, and no tricks – That is our promise to you. You run your business, and we will protect it.

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All good things come in 3's, here is our 3 step plan for your security

  • Block out Attackers

    Today's threat landscape is complex but your protection doesn't have to be.

  • Protect your Environment

    Create a secure workspace for your users, your data, and your clients.

  • Enable Secure Collaboration

    By utilizing a layered approach and applying differing levels of security based on the sensitivity of your data you can achieve security and peace of mind.

Because every business deserves affordable security and compliance solutions

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