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Business Network Protection Plan

Included Services and Protection:

• Managed Security Gateway
• Support for Dual ISPs
• Secure Client VPN
• Support for IPv4 and IPv6
• Inline IDS/IPS
• POE Switch Provided
• (2) Wireless Access Points
• Onsite Network Controller
• Battery Backup (UPS)
• Worry-Free Equipment Warranty

This setup is designed to handle up to 50 Users.

$400 Monthly Fee with a one time $1000 Security Deposit on the hardware.
The hardware deposit is fully refundable upon termination of service and return of the equipment in working condition.

HaaS – Hardware as a service billing model.

We provide all the equipment you need to have a complete, secure, and convenient business network, fully configured and ready for immediate use.

All equipment is owned by Iospa Tech LLC and we will upgrade and replace it at no extra charge.

Life expectancy for network equipment is typically 3-5 years. With our convenient subscription model, you only have one monthly fee to pay which includes setup, maintenance, and support. When the equipment ages out we will send you replacement equipment, configured per your specific settings.

And if your business grows, you can upgrade to another plan anytime without any additional fees.

No “setup” fees
No “change” fees
No “other” charges

Our equipment arrives with easy to follow plug and play instructions. We also offer free technical support on the phone to walk you through the setup process.

If you prefer for a technician to come onsite and perform a white glove installation for you, we can dispatch a technician for you in the greater NYC (within about 30 miles of NYC). If you are outside of the greater NYC area you can choose to have a technician of your choice work with our support team to get you set up. If you have any questions please reach out to us via our contact us page for more information on this.

  • Product Price: 1 month trial for $1,000.00, $400.00/month
  • Shipping Price:
  • Total Price:

Because every business deserves affordable security and compliance solutions

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