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Safety Net – Robust Business Security

• Threat Detection & Response
• Email Security
• Data Loss Prevention
• Anti-Spoofing Protection
• Secure DNS Management
• Incident Response
• Email Encryption
• Email Archiving

For Data Protection our offering starts with Email Security, the most common vector through which malware is introduced to new endpoints. In our research about 70% of threats can be stopped at the Email layer to prevent any business interruption, so proper protection here can significantly cut the noise before an infection is able to manifest. The next layer in our defense strategy is Managed Threat Detection and Response, our keynote service, based on Next-Gen AV with advanced reporting, which gives our analysts the ability to remotely investigate and take action against even the most advanced endpoint-based threats. With these tools, our staff can even terminate network connectivity on a compromised endpoint, preventing further spread of malware if it was able to take root.

For clients with requirements for Encryption and email Archiving, we have you covered with seamless integration and user-friendly experience for both your employees and clients.

Price listed is per user/per month with a limit of 1 workstation per user.

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  • Product Price: $20.00/month
  • Total Price:

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