If you have experienced a breach or suspect you may have been breached – we are here to help.

Our Incident / Breach Response (IR) services are included at no additional charge for our clients. If you are a monthly customer, please skip down to the bottom and fill out the form so we can begin the IR process.

If you are NOT already a client there is a $5000 retainer before we are able to connect with you to perform an initial assessment.

Once we receive your completed form and payment, someone will reach out to determine the next steps. As no two incidents are the same, the best thing to do is to get IR professionals on the systems right away to avoid compromising them any further. While you wait for a reply, please disconnect all the systems from the network and ensure no one is using them. We recommend powering off all of the network equipment until an initial assessment can take place. If possible please do not power off or reboot any computers.

Payment will cover the initial investigation, damage assessment, and recommendations for the next steps. Based on what we find, there may be additional costs/time/tools involved if you would like to proceed but we will never present any surprise bills: all payments and deliverables will be discussed in advance.

Please note that there is no refund policy for the Incident Response as it is treated as a time and materials contract with no guaranteed deliverables beyond a report of our findings and suggestions for the next steps.

If you are ready to purchase, please complete the form below so that we can reach out and begin the IR process.

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