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Our Take on Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threats can come in many different forms so we take a holistic approach at protecting our clients. The key to our approach is to combine the best of breed products from each category to convert traditional complicated "point solutions" into one, easy to manage solution for our clients. We think that Security has to work for you, not the other way around. 

Our offering is designed to scale with your business, we start by implementing the basics. Our solutions are divided into two main categories; Network protection, Data protection. Each category has 3 sub plans to help you choose the right plan for your budget and needs.

For Network Protection, we start with a Firewall that is appropriately sized for your business, followed by switches and Wireless Access Points, set up with the appropriate level of Network Segmentation (i.e. separation of critical assets from things like IoT devices such as your IP cameras and phones).

For Data Protection our offering starts with Email Security, the most common vector through which malware is introduced to new endpoints. In our research about 70% of threats can be stopped at the Email layer to prevent any business interruption, so proper protection here can significantly cut the noise before an infection is able to manifest. The next layer in our defense strategy is Managed Threat Detection and Response, our keynote service, based on Next-Gen AV with advanced reporting, which gives our analysts the ability to remotely investigate and take action against even the most advanced endpoint based threats. With these tools, our staff can even terminate network connectivity on a compromised endpoint, preventing further spread of malware if it was able to take root.

For clients with requirements for Encryption and email Archiving we have you covered with a seamless integration and a user friendly experience for both your employees and clients. 

The Identity layer is of critical importance as well, especially as we move to a cloud first world and clients find themselves relying on an ever growing number of vendors and services. This creates the threat of Data sprawl. To combat this and help our clients get their Data under their control we implement Single Sign On in conjunction with a Cloud Access Security Broker with Advanced 2 Factor Authentication. This technology provides advanced DLP (Data Loss Prevention) options, provides visibility into Dataflow and helps prevent accidental leakage of information. Most breaches can be attributed back to human error, this setup allows us to reduce human error to an almost imperceptible level. 

These services allow us to offer Security and Convenience previously unattainable for small businesses.  

Our pricing is month to month with no long term contracts or lock-in. If you are unhappy with our services at any time for any reason we will assist you in transitioning to another vendor free of charge. Our goal is to help you achieve security, but most importantly we only want happy clients and positive vibes. If you feel we are not the most qualified to do so we don’t want to keep you locked in and unhappy. 

We only charge deposits on hardware that is going to be placed at our clients’ site. So if you choose to terminate your service, just let us know, return the equipment in working condition and your deposit will be refunded in full. 

Because all of the network equipment is owned by us, if there is any kind of hardware failure we will replace the equipment at no charge to you. If there are any issues that require support, that support is included in your monthly fee. Any changes you need to make are also included. There are no project fees, scopes, limitations or gotchas of any kind. 

Our goal is to provide you with security services as you grow so when you outgrow your setup and need a network to support more staff we will upgrade your equipment. Your only cost for that upgrade would be the increased monthly fee and the difference between your initial deposit and the deposit required for your new setup. For that reason, we recommend clients to go with the bare minimum setup that they need today to avoid paying excess fees

We understand that many of our prospective clients already have some products in place, and if you find that you only need to start with a point solution or a custom solution to help overcome a specific challenge, we are happy to provide you with a custom quote.  



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