Partnership is available in 3 flavors. 

White label

Discount Rate: 10%

Who this is best suited for: Smaller MSPs with more projects than staff who struggle to complete projects quickly.

We will provide services as an extension of your company. Transparently extending your technology expertise into IT Security. You sell it, we deliver. We can work with you to come up with custom services that are specific to your clients, we can even integrate with your ticketing and Identity Management tools in order to create a more fluid client experience.


Discount Rate:15%

Who this is best suited for: Small -Mid Sized MSPs who want to create a separation between technology and security and want to make it clear for their client to not come to them with security needs and concerns.

We provide services directly to your client, bill them directly. We give you your own coupon code where you decide how much to discount our services to your client and how much you want to make in recurring commission. The total discount we provide is 15%, you split it however you like.


Discount Rate: Discount 20%

Who this is best suited for: Your clients are demanding and attached to you. They call you for everything related to technology and don’t want security to be any different. You are the technology and solutions expert and you want to be your clients security expert as well. You have ample staff to deploy the product and don’t need assistance with deployment, or basic troubleshooting. You’re comfortable being the first line of defense on all issues and escalating to us as needed.
We will provide you the tools and have your back for tier 2 and 3 support. All alerts and issues go to you, and if you need help you call us.

Because every business deserves affordable security and compliance solutions

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