IT Security Threats include

As more compliance legislation is released and the topic of compliance becomes more complex, we can provide guidance and assistance with the process of making your business compliant. From assessing your current compliance status, to helping you plan for growth and expansion, our team of seasoned IT Security and Compliance experts will simplify this process for you while saving you money.

We can assist with the achieving the following compliance requirements and standards:





Learn about vulnerabilities and misconfigured systems in your environment before attackers do. We recommend performing assessments at least yearly and more often if your environment is subject to frequent changes and/or employee turnover.

Your 3rd Party vendors, also known as downstream providers, or members of your supply chain present your business with unknown levels of risk. The biggest risks to your business are those which are unknown. We will help you understand that risk, quantify it and suggest compensatory controls to help manage that risk.

It’s one thing to assess your current IT setup, which gives you an overview of your existing setup and challenges as a point in time snapshot. It’s another to assess the team behind the setup. We can help you ensure that your current IT team and/or 3rd party IT provider such as an MSP or outsourced consultant are following best practices in securing your information. 

From their internal security controls and information management to their internal process for Quality Assurance, we will assess their security using our proprietary assessment, adjusted for industry specific concerns such as finance, accounting, healthcare and legal.

Merging with or acquiring other firms comes with many inherent risks. Our team is uniquely qualified in helping you assess the IT infrastructure and security practices of your future partners or subsidiaries to help you make informed decisions about how to best move forward. From the initial assessment and planning phase to the implementations and difficult system integrations, our team can be your security advisor.

New setups, integrations, or major changes to existing system configurations present unique security challenges to today’s small and mid-sized businesses. Our experience with workflow design and analysis enables us to assess your existing setup, upgrades, and new setups to ensure that every upgrade results in better security and scalability.

Continuous Protection for your Business​

Our line of monthly services provides on-going protection and monitoring throughout the four phases of a security threat.

Prevention, Early Detection, Incident Response, and Mitigation.

Our plans are divided into 2 Categories to provide our clients maximum flexibility in only paying for the protection they need. 

We start by creating a strong perimeter around your network while isolating especially vulnerable equipment such as IoT equipment including VoIP Phones, Smart Thermostats, IP camera systems, and other vulnerable devices. This approach allows us to protect your perimeter by giving each class of devices and users access to only what they need to do their jobs. This is the concept of least privilege, applied at the network level.

Our filtering begins at the DNS level. DNS is like the Phone Book of the internet, so if a machine cannot find the information on how to connect to a dangerous resource that threat will be stopped there. On top of this, we layer next-gen cloud-based solutions that perform network anomaly detection, Smart Wi-Fi with guest isolation, and network switches that allow us to instantly cut off network connectivity to compromised devices.

Couple all of this with a low cost to entry and all inclusive: Support, Maintenance, and Incident Response services, delivered as a monthly service, and you have the most comprehensive Network Protection offering available to small businesses.

Starting with Next-Gen monitoring and filtering technology, we can limit the number of threats that users are exposed to and reduce the response time to deal with the threats that make it onto the endpoint. The next level is checking for known malicious files, then reputation lookup, and finally a behavioral analysis of the machine’s activity to check for early indications of a breach.

Today, all businesses fear a Ransomware attack – a type of malware that effectively holds your data hostage. Our Advanced Endpoint Security solution has AI capability built in to quickly detect Ransomware, kill its processes, and even revert the damage. This is all done silently, allowing your employees to continue their work- uninterrupted.

Incident Response is included in your monthly fee,so if disaster strikes, you can be sure that we have your back at every step.

Lastly, if all else fails, you are covered by our Cyber Insurance Policy to help recover your data and your reputation.

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