Managed Hosting and Security for your Websites or Applications

Managed Hosting and Security for your Websites or Applications
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Here is what you can expect

Secure payment gateway integration for e-commerce websites, security, compliance, and peace of mind at every turn.

Cut out manual labor and improve efficiency in your workflow. We will help automate your process

No one likes a slow website, show your clients you mean business with a website that loads quickly.

How we help our clients measure Security

We analyze your unique website or application and identify what can be improved. From there we develop a custom plan and a fixed price quote to avoid any surprises later on.

Client Focused

We take pride in providing a service that keeps our clients looking good in front of their clients. 

Fast Turn Around Time

Security is best served quickly, the longer your project takes to complete the longer your data is at risk. 

We have a plan for your business,
no matter your budget.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) to Host your Web Presence

Essential Hosting

Managed VPS

What's Included:

WordPress or HTML Site Hosting

Dedicated Virtual Server

Migration from Current Host

1 vCPU

1GB of Ram

2TB of Traffic

Server Patches and Upgrades

Daily Snapshot Backups

Security Management

DNS and CDN Management


Business Hosting

Performance VPS

Essential Hosting Plus:

2GB of Ram

3TB of Traffic

Performance Monitoring



Security and Performance

Business Hosting Plus:

Managed Web Application Firewall

Web Application Hosting

2 vCPU

4GB of Ram

4TB of Traffic


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Because every business deserves affordable security and compliance solutions

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