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Today, even small businesses and startups face many cyber threats. Let us show you how to protect your business. 

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Our company's mission is to make effective cybersecurity more accessible for small businesses & startups.

Why choose us?

Our business model is built on long term client retention. We only profit if a client stays with us. We are a support-based organization  – so your security and satisfaction are our highest priorities. Therefore, our main goal is to ensure the highest quality of work and retain your business long term.

All of our plans are month to month.

Adding users or devices?


Removing users or devices?

No problem. 

Need to cancel altogether?

We understand that sometimes businesses face tough choices, you can cancel right from our secure portal. There are no cancelation fees or penalties. 

Depending on the plan you choose the setup time will take us from 2 to 12 hours. This labor is included in your monthly fee. There are no other fees.

It’s not a problem if you have only one employee with one computer. We are happy to onboard you today and help you grow your business under our protection. 

Our most affordable plan starts at just $10/month. Ready to sign up?

If disaster strikes, we perform Incident Response at no extra charge and all of our Data Protection Plans come with a cyber insurance policy to protect you from financial and legal liability.

Our approach

Security doesn’t have to be complex.

The key to our approach is to combine the best of breed products from each category to convert traditional complicated "point solutions" into one, fully managed solution for our clients.

Security doesn’t have to be expensive.

Our pricing is month to month and starts at just $10/user or device/month. With no long-term contracts or lock-in, if you are unhappy with our services at any time for any reason you can cancel your plan right from the member portal. 

Security doesn’t have to be limiting.

Because our solution is software-based, our protection follows your users whereever work takes them. If there are any issues that require support, that support is included in your monthly fee. Any changes you need to make are also included. There are no project fees, scopes, limitations, or gotchas of any kind. 

Deployed entirely remotely

With no need for our engineers to come onsite, our service delivery is quick, seamless, and in these uncertain times - safe.

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What does our service include?

Vulnerability Management
Learn about vulnerabilities and misconfigured systems in your environment before attackers do. We recommend performing assessments at least yearly and more often if your environment is subject to frequent changes and/or employee turnover.
Constant Monitoring 

There is always activity on networks and devices. With so much noise, it’s hard to see through it all to find the threats. Our team of experts and sophisticated technology handles this for you. 

Enable your IT Team

Your IT team enables your business, we provide cybersecurity services to protect their work. So if you already have an IT team or an outsourced provider, we will work with them hand in hand.  

Migrations & Upgrades

New setups, integrations, or major changes to existing system configurations present unique security challenges to today’s small and mid-sized businesses. We will assess your environment and adjust our protection accordingly. 

Founder's Voice

My name is Sam Iospa and I came from an IT infrastructure consulting background. While working for a Managed Services Provider (outsourced IT Services), I noticed a gap in the security landscape that left small businesses exposed.

Once small businesses started being targeted, they came to ask their IT providers for help, but there was very little available to offer them. 

Sure, they could activate 2FA for their cloud services but there was no way for them to easily manage all of those users. 

Sure, they could roll out Anti-Malware solutions but without a staff of security experts to review the alerts and interpret the findings, advanced attackers can lay dormant on company systems for months undetected. 

Most importantly, there was no way for them to buy a ready, off the rack, solution that combined everything they needed or even one company they could call to troubleshoot it all. 

That is where we come in. Our mission is to bring affordable, actionable, and user-friendly security to small businesses on a subscription basis, ready to scale with your business. No need to purchase hardware or software licenses, no need to cobble together your own solution, no installation fees, and no tricks – that is our promise to you. You run your business, and we will protect it.

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Because every business deserves affordable security and compliance solutions

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