One of our founders, Sam Iospa, is to blame for our existence. He comes from an IT infrastructure consulting background and one fine, sunny day, he decided that he would go off on his own and develop a solution to a problem he had witnessed time and again. While working for a Managed Services Provider (outsourced IT Services), he noticed a gap in the security landscape that left small businesses exposed.

Small businesses had recently experienced an uptick in attacks by hackers, but Sam observed over and over that the SMB's or startup's IT providers could do little to help them, purely because of their size.

  • Sure, they could activate two-factor authentication for their cloud services but managing anything more than a few users would become a mess for these companies with tight budgets and limited staff.
  • Sure, they could roll out Anti-Malware solutions but without a staff of security experts to review the alerts and interpret the findings, advanced attackers can lay dormant on company systems for months undetected.

Most importantly, he observed that there were no ready, off-the-shelf solutions that provided simple, accessible and affordable protection for companies of this size.

That is where we come in. Our mission is to bring affordable, actionable, and user-friendly security to small businesses on a subscription basis, ready to scale with your business. No need to purchase hardware or software licenses, no need to cobble together your own solution, no installation fees, and no tricks – that is our promise to you. You run your business, and we will protect it.
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