Our key security tools allow us to create a seamless client experience and to provide end-to-end protection, monitoring, and alerting of suspicious activity early in the attack process.

  • We utilize SentinelOne for our anti-virus capabilities and for endpoint (computers and servers) detection and response. With it, we are able to not only stop a threat but to roll back its actions using Windows built-in snapshot capability. We also use its capabilities to pause network communications, interrupting malware in progress which gives our team time to investigate the machine's activity before potential damage is done.

  • For our network stack, we use Ubiquiti's Unifi line of products. Unifi allows us to perform network traffic inspection and filtering using Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Protection System to stop threats before they reach the endpoints. In addition, we are able to provide superior protection for employee-owned devices in cases where employers allow the use of personally-owned devices for work and IoT (Internet of Things) devices with protection at the network layer through granular segmentation. By providing a clear visual representation of the network and its parts we are able to further speed up incident detection and response.

  • Proofpoint provides filtering and data loss prevention in emails, in addition to compliance archiving and outbound email encryption.

  • DUO is utilized to provide a second layer of authentication across a wide range of applications and devices to increase your overall protection.

If you are interested in purchasing these products and do need installation or support services we are happy to provide you with a custom quote.

While you can purchase these products individually from other vendors, our unique combination of these products reduces their individual costs and allows us to provide a comprehensive defense program for SMBs and startups.

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